Traveling with a campervan in Portugal

Hi, I’m Tim, one of the owners of Outbase Explorers. For me traveling in a campervan is ultimate freedom. 

I really love wild camping, the feeling of freedom, being one with nature and having the peace around you. Unfortunately, the pressure on nature is great, and we have to ask ourselves whether our need for this is not damaging the environment too much. Local residents who can no longer find their peace or the destruction of plants in search of the most beautiful spot.

In Portugal, ‘vanlifers’ have been the talk of the town in recent years. They caused a lot of nuisance and it was even completely forbidden to camp in the wild for a while. It is still not the intention to camp in the nature parks and many places have been made inaccessible so that nature can recover.

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Nevertheless, you can still enjoy nature in plenty of places in Portugal and camp in places without causing damage to the environment if you are aware of where you are driving or camping, how local residents will experience this and if you leave your place cleaner than before.

When I’m on the road with the camper I still regularly wild camp, but I try to alternate this more and more with places where this is legal, but where the free feeling is still preserved.

With our pitches on the base of Outbase Explorers, we also wanted to offer this free feeling. No fixed places and the feeling that you are in the great outdoors. When you feel like socialising, you can always find like-minded people or you can join us for one of our ‘family dinners’, but if you prefer to retreat, look for a spot further on our land and enjoy the silence and nature.

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You are welcome to camp with us for one or more nights. You can contact us via the contact form by filling it in, via whatsapp or by simply calling Freek.

I am sure that you will enjoy our very beautiful environment at Outbase Explorers and that you will receive a very warm welcome from Freek and his team.