Traveling solo with a campervan


Solo traveling in a campervan

BY: Tim van Broekhoven

Hi, I’m Tim, one of the owners of Outbase Explorers. For me traveling in a campervan is ultimate freedom. And when your alone it’s even better! Just decide day by day where you want to go and stay where you want to stay. No discussion, no different opinions! Just go where you feel like going.

Whilst driving, my thoughts wander and I think about everything. The beauty of nature and sometimes, it’s ugliness, but also struggles I face in my personal live and goals I want to achieve. Thinking clear about those things in life is so hard to do while being in the rollercoaster of your daily business. But it’s so important and so relieving. That’s one of the reasons we called the company Explorers. Explore the world but also explore yourself and get to know yourself better.

I find it a pity that solo travelers mostly go to hostels (which are great) or on group vacations. The last few years I’ve traveled a lot on my own in a campervan and have found the experience to be very rewarding. You still meet others and get inspired by their stories and wisdom, but you can also take time alone to think.

When I return from a roadtrip, the list of new ideas is enormous and the battery is fully charged so I’m able to make those ideas reality. Of course it can be hard and lonely as well. But by embracing that feeling you’ll get stronger and you’ll get to know yourself better.

The beauty of our concept is that we want to create a community feeling amongst our renters. You’ll get to stay your first and last night for free and socialize with others. Even if you have rented a van to solo travel and you feel a bit lost or alone just come by and we’ll boost your energy again. We know the feeling, no need for shame, and to be honest, listening to your feelings is so much better than ignoring them and feeling lost!

To all solo travelers – go for it! You’re more than welcome for a campervan rental in Portugal at Outbase Explorers!