Article 1. Definitions

    1. 1.1. In these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms are used with the following meaning, unless explicitly stated otherwise or when the context indicates otherwise:


    1. a. Outbase Explorers: the user of these general terms and conditions: Outbase Explorers located at Houtrakkade 34 in De Meern, registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) under number 81922930;


    1. b. renter: the person who rents a campervan from Outbase Explorers;


    1. c. agreement: the rental agreement between Outbase Explorers and the renter;


    1. d. campervan: the campervan that is rented by the renter from Outbase Explorers;


    1. e. driver: the person specified by the renter in writing or via the website as driver or the additional driver of the campervan;


    f. website: the website operated by Outbase Explorers.


Article 2. General

    1. 2.1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to every agreement between Outbase Explorers and the renter.


    1. 2.2. Outbase Explorers is not bound by its offer in the event of misprinting, typesetting or programming errors on the website or any other medium.


    2.3. If the renter books the campervan via the website, the renter must click to agree to these General Terms and Conditions before the agreement between Outbase Explorers and the renter can be concluded.


Article 3. Establishment of the agreement

    1. 3.1. The agreement is concluded:


    1. a. When the renter and Outbase Explorers have signed the written agreement; or


    1. b. When the renter has gone through the entire booking process via the website and has paid the prepayment of 30%.


    1. 3.2. After the agreement has been concluded via the website and Outbase Explorers has received the prepayment, Outbase Explorers will send the renter a booking confirmation by e-mail, unless Outbase Explorers cancels the booking in accordance with Article 4.1.


    Until the booking confirmation e-mail has been sent by Outbase Explorers, the renter can cancel the reservation free of charge.


Article 4. Cancellation of the reservation by Outbase Explorers

    1. 4.1. Outbase Explorers is authorised to cancel the booking, even after the booking has been confirmed to the renter, in the event of force majeure. Force majeure is understood to include;


    1. – Weather conditions that make it unwise to drive the campervan, which means that there is a great chance that damage to the campervan will occur when driving the campervan.


    1. – Unavailability of the campervan reserved by the renter and Outbase Explorers cannot make a comparable campervan available in the desired time period.


    1. 4.3. If Outbase Explorers cancels the booking due to force majeure, Outbase Explorers will refund the (pre)payment to the renter.


    4.4. In case of cancellation of the booking Outbase Explorers is not liable for any inconvenience that the renter suffers as a result.


Article 5. Rental period

    1. 5.1. Each campervan has its own collection and return time and day. These times are stated in the agreement and / or the reservation. If the rental period is exceeded by a part* of a day, one day’s rent plus an additional fee of € 250.00 will be charged to the renter. For every full* day that the renter returns the campervan too late, the daily rent plus the additional fee of € 400.00 will be charged to the renter. *Normal check-out is 10.00 am, a part of a day is from 10.00 am till 17.00 pm. A full day will be charged from 17.00 pm till 10.00 am next day.


    5.2. An extension of rental period is possible, but only if Outbase Explorers gives permission for this and when this permission has been confirmed by Outbase Explorers by e-mail. The costs of extending the rental period only consist of the daily price. The daily price depends on the chosen camper, extras and the period. The extension must be requested at least 48 hours in advance and must be paid directly after we send the payment request. If an extension is not approved by Outbase Explorers, the camper must be returned at the time as previously agreed.


Article 6. Not being able to make the campervan available

    6.1. If Outbase Explorers cannot provide the booked campervan to the renter, for example because the previous renter has not returned the campervan on time, Outbase Explorers has the right to provide a comparable campervan available to the renter. This comparable campervan must be accepted by the renter. If no comparable campervan is available, the renter can only claim a refund of the lost days. In this case, the renter is not entitled to compensation or any other form of compensation.


Article 7. Mileage limit

    7.1. Maximum 200km per rented day, unless stated otherwise in the agreement or on the website. If the total number of kilometers is exceeded, Outbase Explorers charges € 0.25 per extra kilometer driven to the renter.


Article 8. Insurance

    1. 8.1. The campervan is insured against liability + comprehensive cover, including damage insurance for occupants. There is an excess of € 1.250, – which in the event of damage, both exterior and interior, will be charged to the renter at home and abroad. A green card is supplied with the campervan.


    1. 8.2. The deductible amount of € 1.250, – can be reduced to € 500, – for an extra fee of € 15, – per rented day.


    8.3. Damage not covered by the insurance policy and caused by the driver at the time of the accident, such as driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances that compromise their ability to drive, is entirely at the expense of the renter. The damage caused by the driving of unauthorized persons is also at the expense of the renter. If damage to the interior is not covered by the insurance, repair and replacement costs will be entirely at the expense of the renter. Damage to the campervan due to carelessness is never at the expense of Outbase Explorers.


Article 9. Deposit

    1. 9.1. The deposit per rental period is € 1,250, -. The deposit must be paid on the day of collection, by means of credit card payment. Provided the renter has fulfilled all his obligations towards Outbase Explorers, this deposit will be refunded to the renter’s account within 14 days after the renter has returned the campervan. Any additional costs accrued by the renter will be deducted from the deposit. If it appears that the deposit is not sufficient for the compensation of the damage to which Outbase Explorers is entitled, in accordance with these general terms and conditions, the renter will immediately pay the excess, determined by Outbase Explorers. If necessary, a final invoice is drawn up for specification.


    1. 9.2. The deposit and excess of € 1.250,- can be reduced to € 500,- for an extra fee of € 15,- per rented day.


    9.3. No interest is paid on the deposit by Outbase Explorers tot the renter.


Article 10. Cancellation

    1. 10.1. Cancellation must be made in writing or by e-mail. The date Outbase Explorers receives the cancellation letter is considered as the date of cancellation. Outbase Explorers advises the renter to take out travel and cancellation insurance.


    1. 10.2. The cancellation costs are:


    1. a. In case of cancellation 8 weeks or longer before the start of the rental period: 0% of the rent, excluding booking costs.


    1. b. In case of cancellation less than 8 weeks and longer than 2 weeks before the start of the rental period: 50% of the total rent;


    1. d. In case of cancellation between 2 and 1 week before the start of the rental period: 70% of the total rent;


    1. d. In case of cancellation 1 week or less before the start of the rental period: 100% of the total rent.


    10.3. Returning the campervan earlier than at the end of the booked rental periode will not result in a refund of the rental price (or part thereof).


Article 11. Identification

    11.1. Upon reservation, identification documentation is required for the renter and all other passengers. Both valid passport and driver’s license are required. When booking, the renter agrees that his personal data may be verified by our insurance company.


Article 12. Payment

    1. 12.1. To complete the booking, the renter agrees to the General Terms and Conditions, and prepays 30% of the total rent. The renter must pay the remaining amount two weeks before the start of the rental period. If a booking is made less than two weeks before the start of the booking, the full amount must be paid immediately upon booking.


    1. 12.2. Payment must be made to bank account number (IBAN) NL82 TRIO 0320 1924 58, (BIC/SWIFT) TRIONL2U, in the name of Outbase Explorers B.V.


    1. 12.3. If the renter does not pay on time the remaining booking amount, as referred to Article 12.1, Outbase Explorers will send the renter a reminder. If the renter does not respond to this reminder within 7 days, Outbase Explorers has the right to dissolve the agreement and the cancellation costs as described in article 10 will be charged to the renter.


    12.4. If the renter fails to pay any other amount that he owes to Outbase Explorers on time, Outbase Explorers will send the renter a reminder. If the renter does not respond to the reminder, by paying it within 14 days, the renter is in default. The renter then owes statutory interest. The interest on the amount due will be calculated from the moment the renter is in default until the moment the full amount is paid. If, after a reminder and notice of default, the renter continues to fail to pay the claim, Outbase Explorers can hand over the claim, in which case the renter in addition to the amount then owed total amount and the statutory interest are also obliged to pay all judicial and extrajudicial costs, insofar as permitted by law.


Article 13. Repair and damage

    1. 13.1. When returning, the campervan must be in the same condition as when it was delivered. This applies to both the interior and the exterior as well as all separately supplied accessories.


    1. 13.2. In case an immediate repair is necessary the renter will contact Outbase Explorers for a request approval. The renter adheres to the instructions of Outbase Explorers. Repairs must be carried out at an expert repair facility, and only after consultation with Outbase Explorers. Original and itemized invoices issued in the name of Outbase Explorers will be reimbursed to the renter once the rental period has ended, provided that Outbase Explorers has been contacted in advance. Telephone number: +315 912 821 829 /


    1. 13.3. Damage to the solar panel on the roof, roof racks, surfboard holders, awning and bicycle rack is at the risk of the renter, with the exception of normal wear and tear.


    1. 13.4. In the event of a collision, the local police must be called and the European claim form must be completed. If possible, the renter will take photos of the damage (s) (including damage (s) to other vehicles) and the situation on site and hand these over to Outbase Explorers. The renter must also inform Outbase Explorers by telephone or e-mail within 12 hours. Telephone number: +351 912 821 829 /


    1. 13.5. Damage and costs not covered by the insurance, such as accidents caused by driving under the influence, driving by unauthorized or physically incapable persons, seizure, transportation of drugs, flooding, destruction of interior, etc. are entirely at the expense of the renter.


    1. 13.6. The renter is obliged to report any known damages and defects to Outbase Explorers during the trip within 12 hours and when returning the campervan. Telephone number: +351 912 821 829 /


    1. 13.7. Financial compensation for vacation days in connection with a defect is excluded. Due to a defect to a part during the rental period, the renter cannot claim compensation.


    13.8. Damage (s) caused by incorrect use of the vehicle, e.g., burning of the clutch, breaking tires and / or rims due to parking on high pavements or sharp stones, breaking the underside of the vehicle, refueling with the wrong fuel is entirely at the expense of the renter. The costs can consist of pumping out the tank, possible engine damage caused by driving with the wrong fuel and lost rental income. The correct fuel is indicated on the inside of the fuel cap of the relevant vehicle.


Article 14. Maintenance and damage to inventory

    1. 14.1. The campervan is delivered with a full fuel tank, a full clean water tank, empty wastewater tank, empty toilet and thoroughly cleaned both inside and out. At the end of the rental period, the campervan must be returned in the same condition (IMPORTANT: Please do not drive the vehicle through an electric car wash as the solar panel will be damaged). Failure to return the vehicle in its original state will incur the following charges:


    1. a. a maximum of € 200, – for cleaning the inside (only if the inside is seriously contaminated (excluding contamination by pet(s);


    1. b. a maximum of € 100, – for cleaning the outside (only if found to be extremely unclean);


    1. c. € 25, – for emptying the wastewater tank;


    1. d. € 150, – for emptying and cleaning the toilet;


    1. e. € 50, – for filling up the fuel tank + the fuel costs.


    1. f. € 300, – if Outbase Explorers has given permission to bring a pet / or animals and the interior is contaminated as a result (hair, faces, odor, etc.).


    1. 14.2. In the event of damage to inventory, missing of inventory, missing parts of the campervan or missing parts of the vehicle, only an identical copy may be purchased as a replacement, or Outbase Explorers will charge the renter for the replacement.


    14.3. Damage inventory, interior and exterior, caused by salt water, are at the expense of the renter.


Article 15. Fuel

    15.1. Consumption of fuel is at the expense of the renter. The renter receives the campervan with a full fuel tank and the renter returns the campervan with a full tank. The correct fuel is indicated on the inside of the fuel cap of the relevant vehicle.


Article 16. Consumption costs

    1. 16.1. There are no costs associated with oil consumption. However, extreme stress on the engine must be avoided at all times. The engine should be warmed up calmly and in case of heavy loads (e.g. when driving in the mountains or highways) do not switch off the engine immediately, but let it cool down before switching off.


    1. 16.2 Any fines, parking costs, costs for the use of toll roads and/or boat trips must be paid by the renter. The campervans are equipped with an electronic payment system for toll roads in Portugal.


    This system only works on routes in Portugal where electronic payment is possible. The costs incurred for the use of these toll roads plus € 15 administration costs must be paid directly to Outbase Explorers when returning the campervan. If Outbase Explorers receives invoices after returning the vehicle and/or the expiry of the rental period (fines, parking, toll roads and / or boat trips), these costs plus € 15, – administration costs will be charged to the renter by means of an invoice.


Article 17. Driver

    1. 17.1. The driver must be at least 21 years old and hold a valid European driving license B. The Non-European residents must be in possession of a valid international driving license, which can be applied for in the country of origin. All drivers must hold a driver’s license for at least 2 years.


    1. 17.2. The campervan may only be driven by the driver (s) specified by the renter. The renter is personally liable for traffic violations.


    1. 17.3. The driver must follow all instructions provided by Outbase Explorers when using the campervan. The driver must drive the campervan carefully and safely. It is expressly not permitted to drive faster than the maximum permitted speed.


    1. 17.4 The renter guarantees that they or the driver are both physically and mentally able to drive the campervan safely.



Article 18. Obligations of the renter

    1. 18.1. If the renter is not the driver, the renter must inform the driver of these general terms and conditions and ensure that the driver complies with the General Terms and Conditions.


    1. 18.2. The campervan remains the property of Outbase Explorers at all times. The renter is not allowed to sublet the campervan, to offer it for sale, to sell, transfer, mortgage or make it available to third parties.


    1. 18.3. The renter is responsible for the goods and persons that they transport in the campervan. It is expressly not allowed to transport illegal goods, such as narcotics, with the campervan.


    1. 18.5. The campervan must be used in accordance with local laws, regulations and ordinances.


    18.6. If the renter does not comply with his obligations to Outbase Explorers outlined in the rental agreement, these General Terms and Conditions or the (local) law, then the renter must compensate all damage and/or costs that Outbase Explorers suffers as a result.


Article 19. Instruction and use

    1. 19.1. When picking up the campervan, the renter will receive extensive instruction about the operation of the campervan and its accessories. This instruction is also available in writing inside the campervan.


    1. 19.2. If the campervan is equipped with a towbar, the towbar may only be used for transporting bicycles by means of a bicycle carrier. The use of your own bicycle carrier is permitted, provided that this bicycle carrier complies with the applicable laws and regulations. Outbase Explorers can provide an extra license plate if necessary.


    1. Outbase Explorers may charge an additional fee for making the towbar available. If the tow bar is used for towing any item other than specified e.g. towing a trailer or towing another vehicle, etc., an amount of € 1.000, – will be withheld from the deposit.


    19.3. While cooking in the vehicle, the renter must ensure adequate ventilation (skylight open, side windows ajar and if possible, the sliding door open).


Article 20. Which countries may be visited

    20.1. All countries in Europe may be visited with the campervan, with the exception of risk areas designated in advance by the insurance and Outbase Explorers. The countries concerned are on the green card. Outbase Explorers must be informed in advance which countries will be driven.


Article 21. Animals/Pets

    21.1. Animals/Pets are not allowed without written permission from Outbase Explorers. If a animal/pet has been taken in the campervan without permission from Outbase Explorers, an amount of € 500, – will be withheld from the deposit, excluding any extra fines incurred by visible damage caused by the animal/pet.


Article 22. Smoking

    22.1. Smoking in the campervan is not allowed. If there are any signs of smoking in the campervan, an amount of € 1.000, – will be withheld from the deposit, excluding any extra fines incurred by visible damage caused by the smoke/cigarette.


Article 23. Parking

    23.1. Leaving any vehicle not belonging to Outbase Explorers parked on the Outbase Explorers site during the rental period is entirely at your own risk (e.g. damage or theft) and only possible upon request.


Article 24. Liability

    1. 24.1. Outbase Explorers is not liable for any damage caused by temporary or permanent unavailability of the online bookings tool or inaccessibility/removal of its website due to maintenance or other.


    1. 24.2. The color of the campervans available for hire may deviate from those advertised online. Outbase Explorers is not liable for such color deviations.


    1. 24.3. Outbase Explorers is not liable for damage, of whatever nature, because Outbase Explorers has received incorrect and/or incomplete information provided by the renter.


    1. 24.4. Outbase Explorers is not liable for personal, material and/or immaterial damage to the renter, driver or his travel party, caused by the use of the campervan, mechanical failure and/or collision damage.


    1. 24.5. Outbase Explorers is not liable for any indirect damage, including consequential damage, lost profits and immaterial damage.


    1. 24.6. If Outbase Explorers should be liable for any damage, the liability of Outbase Explorers is limited to the amount of the payment made by the insurer of Outbase Explorers. If in any case the insurer does not pay out or if the damage is not covered by the insurance, the liability of Outbase Explorers is limited to the hire price.


    24.7. The limitations of liability for direct damage included in these General Terms and Conditions do not apply if the damage is due to intent or deliberate recklessness on the part of Outbase Explorers.


Article 25. Processing of personal data

    1. 25.1. Outbase Explorers processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.


    1. 25.2. Outbase Explorers is allowed to provide personal data to a third party:


    1. a. If the renter and/or driver has given explicit permission for this;


    1. b. In the context of a legal regulation or legal procedure;


    1. c. To protect the rights or property of Outbase Explorers;


    1. d. To prevent a crime or to protect national security;


    1. e. When suspected of fraud or other illegal activities;


    1. f. It is necessary for the execution of the agreement by Outbase Explorers.


    25.3. The personal details of the renter and/or driver can be registered in the Car Rental Warning System. On behalf of the Rental Companies department, PO Box 1100, 3980 DC Bunnik, in addition to Outbase Explorers, BOVAG is responsible for processing this data in the Car Rental Warning System. The personal details of the renter and/or driver can in any case be registered if the vehicle is misappropriated, if the rental price is not paid or not paid on time and if deliberate damage is caused to the campervan. For a complete list, see At BOVAG, the aforementioned persons may request access to and correction of the processed personal data and object in writing.


Article 26. Applicable law and competent court

    1. 26.1. Dutch law applies to every agreement between Outbase Explorers and the renter.

26.2. All disputes regarding agreements between the renter and Outbase Explorers will be settled by the competent court in the Netherlands within whose jurisdiction Outbase Explorers has its registered office. The renter has one month after Outbase Explorers has invoked this stipulation against the renter in writing, to choose the competent court according to the law to settle the dispute.

26.3 Outbase Explorers will entitled to terminate this agreement if you and/or the driver commit any breach of this agreement. We will then be entitled to the immediate return of the campervan and furthermore any amount then and there owing by you to us will become immediately due and payable.